Friday, September 27, 2013

iOS 7.0.2 Released to the Public

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 7.0.2 to the public. iOS 7.0.2 is one of the three additional software updates that were found to be in testing along with iOS 7.0.1 (iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c only) and iOS 7.1 (still unreleased).

iOS 7.0.2 is a small update for iOS 7 devices that fixes one of the known lock screen bypass glitches. In addition, it re-introduces the Greek keyboard option for entering passcodes.

At this point in time, the evad3rs are confident in a jailbreak for iOS 7.0, but they have not yet commented on the status of iOS 7.0.2. We expect that Apple, being themselves as usual, probably tucked some security updates in iOS 7.0.2. We would recommend holding off until the evad3rs have had a chance to check out the firmware.

On the other hand, if getting rid of the potentially harmful lock screen glitch is at the top of your priority list right now, then iOS 7.0.2 is available OTA (over the air) in the Settings application under the Software Update cell. You can also use iTunes if you prefer.
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Luckily, Apple prides itself on keeping security issues down to a minimum, and has been typically swift in its response to these well-documented problems. If you’re running iOS 7 on any device, we highly recommend you go ahead and download the update using iTunes, or simply using the OTA feature within your iPhone, iPad or iPod’s Settings pane.

iOS 7.0.2 is compatible to work with: iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4, iPad (2nd-gen and above), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th-gen).

iOS 7.0.2 Download Links:

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